Music Videos

Director, cinematographer

Video in collaboration with musician and dancer Danilo Timm and visual artist and body painter @adriaticabodyart

Director, cinematographer, editor

Video in collaboration with Joseph Lamar

On a Fulbright-Nehru Creative Arts Fellowship, Dylan studied Bangla and created a four-part documentary looking at a neighborhood of sculpture-makers and Kolkata's biggest annual festival - Durga Puja.

Experimental Ethnographic Film in Kolkata, India


8mm ... VHS ... 16mm ... Digital: a look and feel into memory and time. autobiographical: the filmmaker's cellular live is contained within these cells of film.

Experimental Video and Film

CO[rona] VI[ris] D[isease] [20]19: still floating in place

Published April 2020, the following informative experimental film

"we are tracking particles in the air using laser beams and a high sensitivity camera.

technology allows us to detect droplets as small as 0.1 micrometers wide. we're learning that sneezing isn't the only source of these droplets. we ran the experiment with sneezing and again, with a close-range conversation.

we found that people generate a lot of micro droplets when they talk loudly. the droplets between two speakers stay where they are. they don't drift away. we can see small particles that seem to glitter floating through the air. it's not yet known what volume of micro droplets leads to infection but we can't rule out the possibility that micro droplets have spread the virus to some extent.

closed space with poor ventilation. this lab is simulating the movement of micro droplets in an airtight room about 10 people in an enclosed space the size of a classroom. a person coughs once and spreads about 100,000 droplets. large droplets are shown in blue and green most of these fall to the ground within one minute but the micro droplets shown in red continue to drift this simulation. one cough and 5 minutes later, 10 minutes later, 20 minutes later: the micro droplets are still floating in place."

direct animation on 16mm film

experimenting with oil paints on strips of 16mm film