Forest Sessions

Curating, producing, directing, shooting, and editing the “Forest Sessions” series where dancers, musicians, and poets perform in the forests of Berlin. Single-shot videos with high-quality binaural sound recordings. In the screening concerts, live performances are lit and interwoven in an improvisation with live video editing and layered projections.

The series is currently in season two. You can watch full sessions during live screening/performances. In 2024, the series will be released online, during a one-month audience-building campaign.

Charlotte Kühn

November, 2023

Danillo Timm

October, 2023

Urmimala Ghose
September, 2023
Momo Tamtri

September, 2023

Ferdinando Primo & Zaki Haggins

August, 2023

blue babe

April, 2023

Zia Phorough

November, 2022

Our Lady, Star of the Sea

October, 2022

Live Improvisation Collaboration between Mavka, Aurelia Botsch, and Dylan

Live video editing and live music performance with dance footage of Aurelia Botsch, shot by Dylan