Godparent search

Hi we are Dylan and Birgit and are expecting our first child together in the end of April 2024.

We make this video because we like to find someone who loves to have kids in their life in a committed way, whilst not having the full time commitment and responsibility of a parent.

We are looking for someone who is up for accompanying our child from early on until some undetermined time in the future. This would mean to us:
- Spending once a week together or at least every two weeks for a few hours, it can be more or less pending on what’s going on.
- You can be a god parent with our without a legal guardian agreement later.

You might wonder: Why don’t you ask friends and people you know well? Most of them are too busy with own kids or just not up for it.

And like this we hope to find the best person for this regularly involved god parent role.
We are not looking for a babysitter but someone who wants to build a nourishing long term relationship with our kid.
Someone we like and trust.

A bit about us:

- We are couple about 10 year apart from each other
- Work in the arts and culture sector as employees but also freelance

- We are leftist and critical thinking is vital
- We are interested in non violent communication
- We practice mindfulness
- Creative expression is important for us
- Investment in community & self care

About you:
- Obviously loves children and is highly empathetic to their causes
- Takes full responsibility for all of their actions
- Emotionally mature and independent
- Open and honest communication
- Unafraid of conflict, understanding that conflict leads to growth when faced

-Sense of humor, loves to have a good laugh
- Embracing all forms of diversity
- Resilient spirit
- Aware and open to learn about NVC
- Openness to changing perspectives
- Not living too far away from Neukölln

If you love kids and you're between 25-70 years old and you feel like you could be a good match, regardless of your gender / sexuality, ethnicity / race / culture or nationality... contact us with the form on this page!